CNM Ingenuity, Local Startup Partner to Provide Easy Access to Robot Technology

CNM Ingenuity, Inc., the 501(c)3 enterprise arm of Central New Mexico Community College, and Build With Robots, an Albuquerque-based startup, are teaming up to introduce the fast-growing technology of Collaborative Robots (cobots) to central New Mexico’s economy and to those interested in learning about the technology and applications of cobots.

Build With Robots will occupy space in CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace at Innovate ABQ when it opens on Aug. 28.

Build With Robots is a regional distributor covering New Mexico and El Paso for Universal Robots. In contrast to conventional industrial robots, cobots are safer to work alongside humans to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks, from manufacturing tasks to painting to screw driving; they can be repurposed for new tasks easily without the need for complex coding; and they’re relatively inexpensive.

Through the CNM Ingenuity-Build With Robots partnership, Build With Robots will be provided space in CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace at Innovate ABQ when it opens later this month. CNM Ingenuity will also provide management of robot-related training, including classes, seminars and information sessions.

At the FUSE Makerspace, Build With Robots will:

  • Contribute to the formation of New Mexico small businesses and micro-manufacturing firms that can benefit from robot technology.
  • Bring unprecedented access to robot technology to students, community members and the local economy.
  • Provide internships and other opportunities for CNM students and FUSE Makerspace members to develop robot applications.
  • Maintain regular robot demonstrations and pilot applications.

The FUSE Makerspace, which is currently in the process of moving from CNM’s Main Campus to a much higher profile location at Innovate ABQ in Downtown Albuquerque, provides students, entrepreneurs, small businesses and hobbyists access to high-tech machinery and computer software to design and prototype new products, create artistic works or pursue their hobbies while working in a collaborative, supportive environment. It is outfitted with equipment for wood, metal and machine shops; electronics fabrication; laser and vinyl cutting; 3D printing; and screen printing.