Local Web Developers Invited to Participate in ‘Deep Dive Code-a-Thon’ March 16-18

Grand prize is $2,000 for winning team.

Also known as a “hackathon,” coders will come together, form teams and build useful, community-minded apps over the weekend. Participants will pitch their ideas at Rural Sourcing, Inc., in downtown Albuquerque on the evening of Friday, March 16, then app ideas will be narrowed and participants will form teams to work together on the prototype. Teams will build and develop a prototype over the weekend that will be presented to the public on Sunday at an event being held at the CNM STEMulus Center in downtown Albuquerque at 3 p.m.

The teams will demonstrate their apps to an audience of judges and senior programmers with prizes awarded to the winning teams – grand prize is $2,000.

Registration is $45. Experienced programmers are invited to participate as volunteers. For more information or to register, visit https://deepdivecoding.com/deep-dive-codeathon/.

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