Cannabis Establishment Technician

CNM Ingenuity, in partnership with SeedCrest, LLC, is offering a 6-week, online, Cannabis Establishment Technician Certification Course. 

This course is for aspiring and current employees of cannabis establishments in New Mexico who need to maintain a baseline of knowledge to work and maintain employment in a dispensary, grow, manufacturer, testing facility, and/or courier. This course is designed to maintain the integrity of the Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Programs in New Mexico.

This course covers: 

  • New Mexico Marketplace
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Safety and Security
  • Ethics
  • Risk
  • Patient care/customer service

Learners who take and pass the CET Workforce Certificate Program are more marketable for cannabis work because they will have acquired skills to minimize risk and liability while working in a highly regulated environment. Those seeking employment and to start a business in the New Mexico Cannabis Field must be 21 years of age and must comply with yearly training regulations. They also have to be eligible to pass both a New Mexico State and a National criminal background check.

Learners who pass the class, qualify to work in a retail dispensary, an indoor or outdoor cannabis farm, manufacturer, testing facility, a vertically integrated business, a micro business, consumption lounge, or for a courier. Grading is made up of quizzes, discussion posts, an additional assignment, and a final exam. Learners are expected to engage in the class each week.

Many Common Questions about This Class are Answered Here.

Future Class Offerings To Be Scheduled.

If you are interested in a course, please let us know by completing the form on the Cannabis Industry Training page.

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Funding is Available

Funding is closed for this class. More funding will become available in Summer 2022.