Courses include continuing education for film professionals, transition of current skill-set into the film industry, and personal development related to film.

Production Assistant Training

Get Your Start in the Film Industry! 

A production assistant, also known as a film production assistant, set assistant, PA, and set PA, performs a range of delegated tasks for film and television productions. This is an entry-level position, which makes it a great choice for anyone breaking into the film or television industry. Because the work is so diverse, it is one of the best ways for industry newbies to learn more about film and television production.

Training will include the following topics: 

  • What is a Production Assistant? How to read a call sheet Departments & protocols 
  • General motion picture production terminology Basic job description and level of pay 
  • Walkie-talkie training Supplies and tools required Petty cash management Resume information Safety/harassment 
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion Professionalism 
  • About the New Mexico Film Office


  • Must be a New Mexico resident.
  • Must be interested and available to immediately work in a PA position.
  • Must be 18+

Fall 2022 dates, each one-day session 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Dates: TBD
Location: Albuquerque Rail Yards
Registration opening soon!

Deep Dive Digital Media

In 12 immersive weeks, this bootcamp will allow you to learn the fundamentals of digital media design and production. Develop skills in commercial animation, video production, digital game design, and computer-generated graphics (CGI) utilizing the latest software development tools popular in the industry today.

Intro to Business Animation

Over two days a week for 10 weeks, unleash the power of your imagination and creativity through digital animation production! More than ever businesses and organizations are relying on digital animation to help tell and sell their story. From TV commercials to clips designed for social media advertising, people pay attention to digital animation. Learn the business animation skills to create your animation ideas from concept to reality.

Intro to Video Production

With the inclusion of Netflix and NBC Universal, New Mexico’s film and digital media industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Begin your career path into joining this with this intensive 4- week ‘bootcamp’ style course. Participants will have the opportunity to work on ‘real world’ video production projects with companies and organizations in our community.

Intro to Game Design and Development

Learn how to create a digital game using the popular game engine Unity in only four immersive weeks! The development of digital games is not only very popular for entertainment games but is a rising star in “serious games.” Join us for our in-depth course in digital game design/development, beginning with game design prototyping, and resulting in a playable digital game. Learn the basics of digital game design, game psychology, game mechanics, and game development using Unity assets and resources.

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