New Mexico IT Apprenticeship Program (NMITAP)

NMITAP creates apprenticeships in many fields beyond individuals in New Mexico, with a special emphasis on underrepresented populations. The apprenticeship program creates a much needed connection between skilled information technology students and the businesses creating learning opportunities in IT.

We offer apprenticeships in five different career fields:

  • Computer User Support Specialist,
  • Network Support Technician,
  • Applications Developer,
  • Cyber Security Support Technician and
  • Medical Coder.

Apprentices work with a coach to establish goals for their future, improve their earning potential as a certified skilled worker, and earn wages while being a member of the workforce. There are also benefits to employers like training an employee to fit company culture and pace  

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Funding is Available

Funding to participate in our programs is available through multiple sources, including Job Training Albuquerque