Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur can anticipate flexing between foundational sales skills like prospecting and proposal writing, to developing a complete Go-To-Market Strategy, including identifying target markets, building a sales strategy, designing territories, and hiring a sales team. This hybrid course takes the best of Professional Sales and wraps in key Sales Management lessons to arm start-up leaders with the know-how to be successful.

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Virtanza offers proven, effective online sales curriculum programs with learning that is immediately transferable to real-world business. Success as an entrepreneur is yours to take.

As a driven entrepreneur, you’ve endured countless presentations, fielded questions and commentary, and honed your business strategy to turn interest into action. It has come time to Go-to-Market with confidence and maneuver next steps in successfully scaling your business.

Module 1: Go-To-Market Strategy
Module 2: Sales Profiles to Build Teams
Module 3: 4-Step Sales Process
Module 4: Needs Assessment Group Role Plays
Module 5: Solution Selling, Presenting
Module 6: Sales Selection and Hiring
Module 7: Sales Compensation Management

  • Master Virtanza’s 4-Step Sales Cycle, including prospecting and marketing outreach, needs
    assessment, solution presentation, and creating ROI.
  • Learn how to create a strategic sales plan, your competitive differentiation, and the
    value proposition you offer to your customer.
  • Create an organization to accelerate sales.
  • Create a customer pitch deck, and value proposition.
  • Participate in role-plays and group discussion with other Entrepreneurs
    and guest speakers

TUITION: $1,800.00
SCHEDULE/HOURS: Meeting once a week on Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m  to 7:30 p.m.

Learning Outcomes

  • Master a 4-step sales process proven to produce results.
  • Effectively connect with customers to drive revenue.
  • Strategically sell your solutions to feed a healthy pipeline.
  • Create a high-performing culture of accountability with a diverse and focused team.