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Entrepreneurs Lead the Way

CNM Ingenuity supports the amazing entrepreneurs that are in our community and we are committed to helping them build great businesses that create jobs in New Mexico. We offer a variety of programs that provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, power, resources and network they need to be successful.

Accelerator Programs

The Lean Startup is the basis of our curriculum because it’s a methodology that gives entrepreneurs an effective way to test out products with users for critical feedback; helps refine their business model to achieve product-market fit and ultimately builds products that a core set of users love.


Activate NM is an active community of entrepreneurs and mentors in New Mexico. Members of ActivateNM get resources to grow their venture and capacity as a startup founder. The goal of membership is to actively work on your startup business with a community of practice.

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Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The Small Business Development Center at Central New Mexico Community College (SBDC at CNM) is part of a larger network of 18 Small Business Development Centers across our beautiful state of New Mexico dedicated to serving the needs of small business owners to help start new businesses, grow existing businesses and stay in business.

The SBDC at CNM serves both startup and existing businesses located in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties with no-cost business consulting and training services to help you attain your business goals in the areas of: Technical Start Up and Existing Business Assistance; Business and Marketing Plan Development; Funding Options and Assessment; Market and Industry Research; and many other business-related areas.

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Hyperspace Challenge

Hyperspace Challenge, launched in 2018, is a business accelerator fueled by the U.S. Space Force and Air Force Research Lab, in partnership with CNM Ingenuity, to support the Space Vehicles directorate and our U.S. government personnel everywhere.

Hyperspace Challenge forges valuable relationships between the government, startup, and university communities to accelerate innovation for the space domain.

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Sales and Marketing Programs

Marketing Workshops

Simultaneously advance your business needs and develop your marketing skills. Our Marketing Workshops feature a “learn by doing” approach where you will immediately apply the workshop lessons to your marketing goals. Prepare for hands-on, interactive, and engaging workshops guided by our expert marketers. Our workshops are structured to give you:

  • Strategy – choosing what to do
  • Tactics – how to do it
  • Experience – doing it on your goals

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Data Science for Business Leaders

Harness the power of data and put it to work for your business. This workshop is built for executives and business leaders who want to understand the benefits of data and how to become a truly data-driven organization — from top to bottom.

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Makerspace and Product Development

FUSE Makerspace

FUSE Makerspace is a community fabrication lab that offers safe, hands-on training and membership to use the shop for all maker skill levels to build their idea. FUSE supports artists, designers, and businesses in bringing their ideas to life, from prototyping to small batch manufacturing with traditional metalworking and woodworking tools to digital tools like CNC routers, laser cutters, and 3D printers, and more.

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Technology Solutions Labs

Bring your ideas to life using our expertise. If you can dream it, we can help you create it! Technology Solutions Labs is at the cutting edge of design and development. We love the challenge of designing creative solutions to your problems.

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Etsy for Makers
Many makers find themselves needing to transition to new models to reach
their market in the pandemic. This 5-part course will cover the hurdles
and pitfalls of creating an Etsy shop, as well as ways to optimize your
business. Capture online sales by getting your business on Etsy!

Venture Capital

Ingenuity Venture Fund

Our Thesis: We’re investing in an industry-agnostic, diversified portfolio. We’re particularly excited about companies working in life sciences, agriculture, media & entertainment, space, software, and Industry 4.0.

Our Process: Our investment process starts with a warm referral from our network, our participation in the community, or contact from our website, and proceeds through a number of steps.

Our Criteria: Companies who receive investment must undergo a screening process, receive a “yes” vote to invest by our investment committee, and complete a due diligence process.

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Pitch Competitions

We bring promising startups together with active investors to help entrepreneurs take bold steps and grow successful New Mexico companies.

Ski Lift Pitch

Entrepreneurs and investors alike are all-too-familiar with a typical elevator pitch. We think New Mexico is known more for its elevations than its elevators. Ski Lift Pitch brings New Mexico’s best startups and world-class VC funds together for a special event. And no, there are no elevators involved. Not the usual kind, anyway.

We select ambitious, driven startups from the Land of Enchantment who exhibit: early customer validation and traction for a disruptive value proposition; high-growth potential and scalability; and eagerness to partner with venture investors to scale their business. Check the website for the next Ski Life Pitch.

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Adventure Pitch

A startup pitch event for outdoor companies. Building any startup is an adventure. But building an outdoor startup? That takes true grit. Adventure Pitch is part of the annual Outdoor Economics Conference and the premier startup pitch event for outdoor companies in New Mexico.

In partnership with CNM Ingenuity’s Startups & Small Business team, we invite startups with high-growth potential and a core offering that touches outdoor recreation, the environment, and/or health and wellness to apply to this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

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Training Funding

Job Training Albuquerque

JTA provides an opportunity for Albuquerque small business employers to skill up their workforce and for employees to gain high-demand skills and industry specific credentials through free or subsidized workforce trainings. Check-out the JTA website for a list of trainings and eligibility.

Program funding is provided by the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department and is administered by CNM Ingenuity.

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Grow Your Small Business Fund

Tuition assistance available for New Mexico residents interested in growing their small businesses. The tuition assistance can be used for a variety of trainings or monthly memberships for FUSE Makerspace or the ActivateNM Community.

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Space Solutions

Lease available space at any CNM location for anything your qualified organization may need.

  • Capacity for groups from 5-350 people
  • Audio/visual services are included in all spaces
  • Complimentary parking
  • Can bring your own food and beverages


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Props & Film

Props & Film Resources provides filming services and prop rentals to the state of New Mexico and beyond. Our services include:

  • prop rentals
  • filming locations
  • production office space
  • continuing education
  • consulting by subject matter experts
  • film production services


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Everyone is Welcome to Participate

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs solve their most immediate challenges and eliminate obstacles so they can get on with building their businesses in Albuquerque.

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Funding is Available

Funding to participate in our programs is available through multiple partners and sources.

Learner Resources

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StartNow NM

Central New Mexico Community College has put together this comprehensive list of our resources for new and expanding small businesses, all in one place. From training to education, funding to facilities, you can find it all through this resource site.

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