Space Solutions

Space solutions provides access to classrooms, conference rooms, offices and labs at all CNM campuses, for both short and long-term use. We also provide residential and commercial property rentals, conference planning services and facilities.  

We just love your facility.  Anytime we need a room ASAP we know we can rely on you to pull through for us. You are truly a life saver and we enjoy working with you and your team!

Danni H.

Film and Prop

Space solutions also offers locations for film production companies and maximizing potential participation by CNM Film students through networking with industry organizations and professionals.  

Additionally, we have created a virtual prop house that provides space for film production and access to a myriad of props such as furniture. We are proud to serve as a collaborative partner with New Mexico’s film industry.

Funding is Available

Funding to participate in our programs is available through multiple partners and sources.

Learner Resources

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