Supervisor Academy

Through dynamic multiday training, participants learn to become the best supervisor they can be and are facilitated by some of the best trainers in the state with extensive experience in diverse industries. This program consists of eight modules over the course of eight weeks that address the fundamentals of successful supervision, including emotional intelligence, critical thinking and effective communication strategies.

Students learn:

  • how to lead with enthusiasm and confidence
  • resolve conflict with employees
  • provide the right feedback at the right time

In the past 10 years, over 2,000 employees representing over 100 companies and government agencies have completed the series. 

Bring Supervisor Academy to your organization!

Courses and content can be modified to your specifications by highly skilled and experienced instructors. Create the training experience to transform your employees, can be delivered at your location or ours, online or in person. Contact Kerri Eichwald at for more information and to develop your customized training solution.

Supervisor Academy Series – Spring 2021, $689

Take all the courses in the series, or just one.
You may register for individual courses that interest you, or sign up for the entire series for one flat fee. Click the “Sign Up” link below to sign up for the whole series or by clicking “register here” under each course below to register individually.
August , 2021 – September 24, 2021
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Emotional Intelligence 2.0
Intellectual and technical skills are no longer enough on their own to assure success in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence allows you to connect with others one-on-one and in groups-a critical skill in business today. People who are emotionally smart waste less time on personality conflicts, stay in control under stress and achieve greater satisfaction at work and at home
August 6, 2021
Cost: $89
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Effective Communication & Professional Writing
Discover how communication really affects management outcomes. Activities explore techniques for improving verbal and nonverbal communication. The PACE™ Palette assessment is administered to help you become a more effective communicator and as a springboard to topics covered in other units.
August 13, 2021
Cost: $89

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Employee Coaching and Continuous Feedback
Positive coaching provides supervisors the ability to move to a higher level of effectiveness and responsibility. Use common sense to guide your employees and their performance. Participants learn the TrustWorks™ model as a foundation for other units.
August 20, 2021
Cost: $89

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Difficult Conversation Strategies
Examine methods of managing disagreements before the escalation of anger and conflict. Talk through the issue with respect and patience for the others point of view. The Thomas- Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is used to assess your preferred style of conflict management and to understand how problems can best be solved. Be able to determine the best context for conflict resolution situations.
August 27, 2021
Cost: $89

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Creating Your Leadership Brand
Influence and lead with a proactive flair as you build upon your identified strengths. Building your style means understanding the difference between leadership and management while enhancing your skills based on emotional intelligence challenges. Be THAT leader.
September 3, 2021
Cost: $89

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Efficiency Tools for the Workplace
Today’s businesses are driven by productivity and collaboration. But how do you achieve both in a way that benefits everyone on your team? How do you avoid the inevitable obstacles: priority management, strategy alignment, and transparency?Luckily, the small business community has noticed a recent uptick in productivity and collaboration. Why? Many newer online tools have made it easier for teams to communicate clearly, prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and hold themselves (and each other) accountable
September 10 , 2021
Cost: $89

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Goal Setting
Goal setting is a powerful process. Effective goal setting allows you to impact your career and provides a tool to motivate yourself, turning your vision into reality. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve professionally, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. This training builds on employee’s Strengths and aligns goal setting with personal talents.
September 17, 2021
Cost: $89

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Employment Law Basics
Benefits, hiring, termination, discrimination, sexual harassment–legal issues can be overwhelming. Explore human resources topics to become familiar with key employment laws, workplace privacy and hot button issues. Learn to avoid issues and when to ask for help from an expert.
September 24, 2021
Cost: $89

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Fee Assistance
You may qualify to take the Supervisor Academy series at no charge if your employer meets these criteria:

  • Incorporated as a for-profit or not-for-profit entity in NM
  • Headquartered within the Albuquerque city limits
  • A business with less than 500 employees
  • Business has been located in Albuquerque for 1 year OR Business owner has been an Albuquerque resident for at least 1 year at any time prior to the time of training

This great opportunity is made possible through the collaboration between CNM Ingenuity and the City of Albuquerque. Job Training Albuquerque (JTA) is a workforce development program that provides opportunities for the local workforce to gain necessary skills in order to fill skill gaps and meet the workforce needs of existing and potential employers.

Apply for this workforce development opportunity to be funded through Job Training Albuquerque (JTA) by applying here:

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