Online Course Design and Instruction

This series is designed for online instructors, in K-12 and higher education, but can be adapted for corporate and organizational settings, to master best practices in online instruction. The certificate will support online instructors, independent of a specific learning platform.

Participants will learn:

Best practices in developing online curriculum and assessment and creating a strong online learning community.
Master effective use of technology and online communication tools.
How to locate and evaluate appropriate content online
How to cite resources in accordance with copyright and fair use regulations
How to meet the needs of all learners by incorporating universal design techniques into online course environments.

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Parents as Virtual Partners

Central New Mexico Community College and CNM Ingenuity will be offering a series of workshops to engage “Parents as Virtual Partners” this fall. We understand the myriad of parent challenges being faced right now,with almost one third of CNM students as parents of school-age children. We are also the major provider of early childhood and teacher education and training in New Mexico and do so in both English and Spanish.

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Virtual K-12 Learning Environments

K-12 schools across New Mexico are incorporating virtual learning into their curriculum. Educators need to be able to make virtual learning accessible for all students, and to learn additional strategies for increasing student engagement in a virtual learning environment. Designed specifically for K-12 educators by CNM’s Education Department, this workshop will do just that.

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Virtual Higher Education Learning Environments

The shift to fully online due to COVID-19 has left many college students and faculty anxious and uncertain. How can we continue to connect and learn in this new virtual environment? The CTL is sponsoring a workshop that helps to answer this question in a myriad of ways, by providing firsthand experience using digital tools and concrete strategies for engagement and interaction.

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Program of Intensive English

The Program of Intensive English (PIE) classes are designed to improve how you listen to, speak and write English. These classes are offered through a partnership between CNM’s Global Education initiative and CNM Ingenuity. Through this program, participants can speak better English at work and school, listen and speak with ease in discussions or meetings, and improve an accent when presenting.

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Funding is Available

Funding to participate in our education programs is available through multiple sources, including Job Training Albuquerque


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